The Story of Noble 

Noble & Co. creates beautiful candles for your home from 100% pure beeswax candles. 
It all started with a bag of raw unfiltered beeswax from my Grandfather. Who has kept bees ever since I can remember. Through the love of making for myself, friends and family, Noble & Co. was born. This familial beginning is  why Noble continues to source beeswax from Canadian beekeepers as production has grown.

The sweet scent a beeswax candle releases is a completely naturally scent which is given to the wax through the honey and floral nectar it once housed in the hive. The alchemical symbol you see in Noble's logo represents the air in which a beeswax candle purifies as it burns. Beeswax is the only fuel that releases negative ions as it burns, which are natural air purifiers.The slow burn of the beeswax fuel makes it the perfect choice for long candle lit dinners with friends, and soft naturally focused living.  

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